A lot of people are just scrolling through the newsfeed – waiting for something to catch their attention. They aren’t interested in your business, or might not even know that you exist.

These people are called “cold traffic.”  They’re just passing on through – you have little to no hope of getting their business.

Your goal is to convert cold traffic into warm traffic.

Warm traffic means they’re getting closer; closer to visiting your business, closer to signing up for an e-mail list or closer to purchasing.

Remember that childhood game Hot or Cold?  You would announce Hot or Cold if the person moved closer or further away to the object.

Social media advertising is like that game.  As the potential customer gets “warmer” or closer to your business, you show them ads that correspond with their place in their journey.

After someone has watched your video, engaged with your content or visited your website, they can be considered “warm traffic.”

We assume that since they engaged with your business, they are interested in it. They’re more likely to purchase or visit your store/website.

Let’s use a local hair salon as an example…

You could use two different strategies when it comes to Facebook ads.

First, throw your money into an ad or two and use the bully strategy. You basically pummel a few areas (city, zip code, etc) for a few weeks and hope that people end up converting into customers. These ads are shown to “cold traffic” – people that are just scrolling through their newsfeed.

Or, you could use the second Facebook Ad strategy – and this is the one that works…

Use a strategic approach as you move people from cold traffic to warm traffic. 

You could start off with a video of one of the hairstylists demonstrating a new hairstyle trend and teaching viewers how to do it. Show a video explaining the differences between brand-name shampoos and conditioners. Or – show a video explaining how often and when someone should get a haircut.

Take all of the people that have watched a certain percentage of the video (or videos) and place them in a group (called Custom Audience in Facebook).

For example, you could create a Custom Audience of people that have watched 50% of your video(s). We can assume that if someone watched half of your video, they are somewhat interested in your business and products.

After creating the Custom Audience, you would then show an ad to that Custom Audience. It could be an offer, a “Book Now” ad or a video from the owner inviting people to a special event.

The key is moving your audience from cold traffic to warm traffic – and you can do this effectively with Facebook Ads!