Facebook ads allow you to target specific areas.

You have the ability to narrow your ads to a specific zip code, city, county, state, country or a combination of options.

Use your marketing dollars efficiently by marketing to people who are likely buyers. Your business may typically serve customers within a short distance, so you can target those areas. Some businesses sell products or services that are location dependent. A one-man lawn care service from New Jersey can’t mow lawns in New Mexico. Or, let’s say you sell the world’s greatest snow shovel; it doesn’t make sense to waste marketing dollars on advertising in Florida.

Facebook ads allow you to target the right people. You can target by age, gender, education, family situation, hobbies, interests and more.

How many teens will buy an estate planning kit? Zero, so don’t advertise it to them.

How many renters would consider paying to renovate their landlord’s house? Not many – that would be absurd! Home remodels should be marketed towards homeowners or new home buyers. With Facebook’s detailed targeting options, you can market to the right people.

Facebook ads allow you to target people that are already interested in your products and services. It’s called “warm traffic” – target ads to people who were interested in previous marketing efforts

You can target people who have visited your website, engaged with some of your previous Facebook content (liked, commented, shared, etc), watched part of your videos (or even target people who have watched a certain % of the video), signed up to your e-mail list and more!

Using targeting in your social media advertising efforts is a cost-effective method to reach more of the right kind of customer. Click here to learn how we can help you reach more customers with Facebook Ad re-targeting.