Sometimes the closest wins. If you’re injured, you don’t need the best bandaid, you need the closest bandaid. On a really hot day, I don’t need the best bottle of water – I need the closest bottle of water.

Sometimes a feeling wins. Maybe a customer chooses a business because of nostalgia. My family goes to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee often. It’s a tourist trap by every definition – and I LOVE it. I have a favorite go-cart track, too. It’s not the cheapest or the best, but it’s the one I’ve been going to since I was kid. It doesn’t have the fastest carts either, but I don’t care. It brings back that “feeling” of being a kid again.

Sometimes a certain price point wins. It might be the lowest price or the highest price. It could even be the middle price that wins.

Sometimes the relationship wins. If someone you know owns the business, you’re likely to try it at least once. Or, sometimes it’s the people you know or have contact with that you do business with. It’s not the best, but it’s who you know.

Sometimes a recommendation wins. If someone you know has experience with a business or product, you’re likely to try it.