social media advertising

Social media advertising is the fastest, easiest and best way to getting more customers. Advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn outperform all other forms of advertising.

Keep up with market changes and customer expectations with social media advertising.

target right audience

The fastest, easiest and best way for you to reach more customers. Want to target a specific area? Check. Market to people that looked at your website? Got it. Run multiple ads at the same time? Yes! We’ve got you covered…

measure & track success

You no longer have to guess if your advertising is working. Discover if your results match your business goals with in-depth analytics. You can track exactly how many people have taken action on your ad, cost per click/lead and more!

high return on investment

You can reach people cheaper and more efficiently while targeting your ideal customer. Social media advertising is 3x more effective than advertising in the newspaper, 5x more effective than TV commercials and 10x more effective than direct mail.

social media management

If you’ve ever wondered – like most business owners I know – why it’s so difficult to reach your customers on social media or so frustrating to try to figure it out yourself, we’ve got proof it’s possible for you to succeed.

Our social media management team leads some of the highest engaging social media profiles in their industries. Whether you’re looking for compelling content, customer engagement or profile optimization (or all of it) – we can help!

compelling content

Can you guess what your customers don’t want? Here it is…they don’t want boring or irrelevant content. Grab your customers’ attention with a compelling content strategy.

customer engagement

Want a completely done-for-you solution? Our experts lead some of the highest engaging pages in their industries. We can provide real-time interaction with your customers.

profile optimization

Make your business stand out from your competition with an optimized online presence. We provide custom graphics and ensure that all of your information is accurate.

about michigan design foundry

We help you boost leads and sales, increase engagement and reach more people by optimizing social media advertising, social media management and website design.


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