The last time I went to a grocery store, I was looking for one thing…

Pita chips.

I only needed one thing, but I was prepared to want many more as soon as I walked in.

I knew there would be candy at the cash register, displays full of donuts and rows of chips. And – I would want all of it.

But I had to focus.  I was there for one thing – pita chips.

Every day, you are faced with tons of options. How to spend your time, how to spend your money, who you talk to and so on.

But you have to focus.

Sometimes you have to focus your thoughts. Other times, it’s your time. Or maybe you have to focus your money.

Whatever you do today, make sure to FOCUS.

What’s your focus today?

P.S. I ended up getting two things – pita chips and grapefruit. You can’t succeed all the time! 🙂