My pulse had to be 200. My heart seemed to be beating out of my chest. My hands were sweaty.

It was time for the first cold call of the day.

My goal for this call? I just wanted to live through it.

So, I dialed…

And it rang.

Then it rang again.

And a woman answered.

A human being. A normal one.  A regular person.

So, I began to talk…

“Hi! My name is Andrew…”

Guess what?

She didn’t threaten me or slam her phone down.  She patiently listened.

Our conversation lasted about two minutes and I got a lead from it.

“Cold calls” are the scariest thing I do. They make my heart beat faster than exercise.  I don’t even need to run or work out – an hour or so of cold calls is enough exercise for me.

It scares me – but I’ll do it again.

What’s something that scares you?  Do it TODAY.