Facebook Ads are cheaper than direct mail. On average, Facebook Ad prices are 1/10 of the cost of direct mail.

Facebook Ads allow you to target people easily. You can target people with direct mail, too – but it’s much more difficult. You have to buy a list or multiple lists to get that type of information. Facebook offers over 1,300 targeting options built-in to their platform – and it’s free. When you target people, you are offering ads that they’re more likely to act on.

They offer a call-to-action – and customers can act on it IMMEDIATELY. A recipient of direct mail has to first read the ad. If they’re interested, they have to write a reply, call a toll-free number or sit the letter down and get on the internet to fill out a form. With Facebook Ads, viewers can click a button as soon as they see the ad. They can immediately act by clicking on “Learn More,” “Download the Guide,” “Sign Up” or something else that causes viewers to act.

And, a BONUS reason why Facebook ads are better than direct mail: they allow you to measure and track results. You can track Facebook ad results in near real-time. Direct mail takes weeks or months to track results – if it’s even possible to track any of the results. For example, how can you track how many people read your direct mail piece but didn’t act?

Facebook ads are better than direct mail because they’re cheaper, allow you to target, offer a call-to-action and you’re able to measure and track the results.

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