Schedule major holidays in advance

Use a drone to capture footage of your business

Timelapse of a day in your business

Use a GoPro to provide a First-Person view

Welcome a new business to your community

Wish “Good Luck” to a local high school sports team

Video announcement (new hours, product, employee of the month)

Ask people what they’re doing on a major holiday (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

Photo when weather changes and ask if people like the change

Reminder of Daylight Savings Time

Provide tips (“How To…”)

Explain to customers WHY in a video (Why you’re in business, why you chose this specific business, why you sell certain products, why you appreciate your employees, etc)

Panoramic photo of your business (inside, outside, in the middle of a project, etc)

Close-up of your supplies that your business uses (example: salon can post photos of scissors, brushes, combs, etc.)

Facebook Live “Start-to-Finish” (making a pizza, cutting hair, replacing brakes, detailing a car, etc.)

Have a contest and announce the winner on Facebook Live

#throwbackthursday of something historical in your business (first building, big moment in history, what your business looked like after a snowstorm, etc.)

Show behind-the-scenes of your business (unpacking boxes of inventory, cleaning the windows, receptionist answering phones, etc,)

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